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Course menu of Truffle (January-February) ¥8,400
Amuse Bush
Plenty along with the Hivernage wind dried mullet
 roe of vegetables and truffle
Canapes of Poiret and unloading liver of monkfish
 in the coulis of truffles
Roast and stew that is packed in a pie of Amagi offspring boar
Saute of truffle sauce and foie gras
French cheese
Apples and Pomelo, zabaglione scent of truffles to hazelnut
Served with truffle ice cream
Coffee and Petit fours
Course menu of Abalone (June to August) ¥8,400
Along with the puree of apricot carpaccio of homemade ham
Served with granite seafood cucumber cold soup and shiso
Served with steak Source virgo summer vegetables of the finest  abalone
Your choice of Dessert
Coffee or Tea
Course menu of Mushrooms (October-November) ¥5,500
Roasted pepper, balsamic flavor of beignet and Ezo deer meat
Ffresh fish and Matsutake papillote turnip, chestnut, ginkgo,
 served with pumpkin etc ... fall harvest vegetables
Shallot sauce Grilled France production mushroom Yamagata
 Butakata loin
Karamerize mushroom likened the Bavarian cream mushroom roll
 cake and pear fig
Course menu of Jibie (October-November) ¥7,000
Hors d'oeuvre (choose from the menu)
Jibie cuisine (select from the following / Singles ¥ 4,300)
 1. Jibie source of blue neck duck roasted spice flavor
  Roast of stock, Abba of canapes, France production mushroom together
 2. Roasted foie gras source of mountain quail
  And along with lentils, Marron, France production mushroom
 3. Roast the source Salmi of turtledoves
  Italian bacon, Abba of canapés, served with French production mushroom
 4. today Jibie
Dessert (choose from the menu)
Coffee and Petit fours
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